Offering one-to-one and group sessions is a great way to provide personalised and tailored tuition to each individual’s specific needs and skill level. I teach both camera and phone camera techniques, as many people rely solely on their phone cameras for photography.

One to One sessions typically last 2-4 hours as it allows for a thorough and in-depth learning experience. Group sessions are 4-6 hours. Overall, it’s a great way for individuals to improve their photography skills and take better images.


  • I struggled with focus and the menu settings. I learnt about manual focusing and I now know how to make black and white photos.


  • I had problems with focusing and understanding the exposure triangle. I am now able to understand it and take a good image. I am able to think more about composition, and take more notice of the details. I am happy with my resulting images.


  • I just didn’t know my camera! I learnt about liveview vs the viewfinder as well as ISO and shutter speed. I now know different settings required for the photo to be taken.