Get to know the buttons on your camera and how the modes affect the way your photograph looks.

My Beginners Photography Courses will enable you to understand the buttons on your camera, see how the modes change the look of your photograph and make great images.

Beginner courses can be delivered on a one to one or group basis. Sessions typically last 2-4 hours and can be accessed online or face to face.



  • I struggled with focus and the menu settings. I learnt about manual focusing and I now know how to make black and white photos.


  • I had problems with focusing and understanding the exposure triangle. I am now able to understand it and take a good image. I am able to think more about composition, and take more notice of the details. I am happy with my resulting images.


  • I just didn’t know my camera! I learnt about liveview vs the viewfinder as well as ISO and shutter speed. I now know different settings required for the photo to be taken.